Keeping Children Healthy When Using Resort Pools And Hot Tubs

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If you are planning a resort vacation for you and your children, then your kids are probably very excited about using the pools and hot tubs that are available. Water play can be a great deal of fun, but you need to make sure your children are safe at all times. You probably already know the basics about water safety, but there are some other things you need to know as well. A few of these things are listed below, so make sure to read through the information before your trip.

Be Aware of Microorganisms in the Pool

Most resorts and hotels use chlorine to sanitize their pools. Chlorine turns into a weak acid when it is added to the water, and the acid kills the viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the chlorine. Chlorine kills bacteria by entering the cells of the microorganisms. Once the acid moves inside the cell walls, it destroys the proteins that keep the microorganism alive.  

Pool water must be kept at a proper pH level for the chlorine to work properly. If the resort does not constantly maintain the pH and proper sanitation levels of the water, then bacteria may stay alive for a short period of time. This means that your child may be exposed to some bacteria while swimming.

Chlorine also may not be able to quickly and completely destroy certain protozoan microorganisms like the ones that cause diarrhea. Resorts and hotels ask people to stay out of the pool if they have diarrhea so they do not spread parasites, but some people may not listen. This means that your child may be exposed to parasites that can make them ill.

Bathe Your Children

You can reduce the amount of microorganisms that your child is exposed to by making sure they take a shower immediately after swimming. Make sure your child uses hot water and soap to clean themselves so that all bacteria and parasites are removed from the body. Some resorts have showers that can be used after a dip in the pool, so ask your child to rinse off completely before they take a more thorough shower. Bathing suits should be rinsed off as well.

You can protect your child from diseases as well by asking them not to drink pool water. It may be difficult to keep water completely out of the mouth when your child swims, but you can ask your children not to play games where spitting or splashing is involved.

Be Careful of Hot Tubs

Children often like to use hot tubs and spas as much as adults do. Unfortunately, the hot temperature of the spa can cause your child to overheat. Most hot tubs are kept at a temperature around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the body of your child will not adjust quickly to the hot temperature. Children also do not sweat as much as adults do and their bodies create more heat during activity as well. This means that you need to limit the amount of time that your child spends in a hot tub. Otherwise, your child may start to feel nauseous, dizzy, or fatigued when the heat of the water overwhelms them.  

Limit Use

If your child wants to use a resort hot tub, make sure they stay in the water for only about 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Stay with your child the entire time they are in the spa and ask your child to sit on a seat that is elevated. This way, your child's body will not be submerged and they will be far less likely to overheat. Ask your child to sip on water while they are in the heated water. The water will help cool the body and it will also replenish fluids that are released when your child sweats.

When your child is in the hot tub, make sure to watch out for signs that skin is becoming red or flushed. This is an indication of heat exhaustion and so is an elevated heartbeat. If your child complains of a fast beating heart or if skin color changes, then ask your child to leave the hot tub immediately.

If you have a family trip planned that involves a visit to a resort, then your children will likely want to spend a great deal of time in the resort pools and hot tubs. You need to make sure that your children remain healthy while they play in the water, and the information above can help you with this.