Super Swag Bags with Big T-Shirts: Company Giveaways That Everyone Can Love

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Screen-print t-shirts are among the most popular promotional giveaways. Your logo and interesting graphics serve as a reminder of your company every time the recipient wears the shirt. If you're placing a t-shirt order for staff members to wear at a trade show or an event where they all need to be recognizable as part of your organization, you know that getting the right number of shirts in sizes ranging from small to extra large can be a big hassle. Fortunately, for promotional giveaways, the sizing doesn't need to be so precise. Recipients are happy to receive a shirt that's big and loose and totally comfortable for casual wear. Given a choice, many actually select large and extra-large t-shirts to use as sleepwear, poolside swimsuit cover-ups, and work-out gear. This preference is great news when you're looking for great ways to make company-sponsored activities memorable for participants. Place a bulk order for XL screen-printed t-shirts, and you'll have the main component of super swag bags on your shelf for a variety of occasions.

Training-Course Swag Bags

Whether you're welcoming new franchise owners, field representatives, or technicians to your facility, giving these people a swag bag at registration sets the tone for productive training sessions. Plain bags in bright colors with carrier handles makes the bags easy for the trainees to handle, especially if they're still wrangling luggage before they check into their hotel rooms. Customize the bag contents for the type of activities the visitors will be involved with during their stay.

In addition to the large t-shirt, include items that are both useful and fun, such as:

Reward-Trip Swag Bags

Sending your top performers on a special trip to celebrate their achievements is a time-honored incentive for companies that have a large sales or service operation. You're already making a big investment by paying for airfare, lodging, and entertainment, but adding an extra little touch of pizzazz with swag bags for the winners on your team is well worth the effort. After all, these are your corporate celebrities. The bags certainly don't need to be as swanky as the swag bags movie stars get at the Oscars, yet you can tailor your bags to match the destination where the getaway is located. For example, consider these ideas.

TIP #1: At most resort and hotel destinations, you can make arrangements to ship the swag bags from your office to their location so that the concierge can place the bags in the travelers' rooms for enjoyment upon their arrival.

TIP #2: Incentive reward trips usually include tickets and lodging for star employees plus their spouse or partner. Make sure you include two large t-shirts and extra gifts in each bag so that the accompanying party gets to enjoy the bounty as well.

Keep a stash of small swag bags packed and ready to hand out when long-distance customers, clients, and valued vendors come to your office for meetings. Keep these simple, with just a t-shirt and a box of mints or other similar small items that can be easily tucked into your visitors' luggage for the trip back home.

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