2 Tips That Can Help You Avoid Buying Fake Dinosaur Fossils

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Buying dinosaur fossils can be a fantastic way to add a unique item to your home or collection or give a great gift for anybody that is a dinosaur or history enthusiast. However, buying dinosaur fossils can also be a little bit risky due to the abundance of fake fossils that are being sold. Listed below are two tips that can help you avoid buying fake dinosaur fossils.

Discuss Restoration Percentages

One of the easiest ways to avoid buying fake dinosaur fossils is to actually discuss the restoration percentage of the fossil directly with the seller before buying. Now, it is not uncommon for a portion of the fossil that you are purchasing to be repaired or restored to some extent due to the fact that they do not come out of the ground in great shape. In many cases, these fossils are going to need to be glued back together or polished to some extent to make them desirable.

However, a reputable fossil seller will make sure to put the percentage of the fossil that was restored into the item's description as well as the type of restoration work that was performed. If the seller is unwilling to discuss that information or does not have the information at all, then there is a very good chance that the item that he or she is selling is a fake.

Double Check The Fossil's Description

Another tip that can help you avoid buying fake dinosaur fossils is to double check the fossil's description. For example, if the fossil claims that it is from a particular region of the world and has a date associated with it, then going back to your house and doing a bit of research on that particular fossil can help you avoid a fake.

This is because many fake fossil sellers will not take the time to provide a perfectly accurate description. As a result, if you double check the description provided by the seller, you may be able to spot discrepancies that can reveal the item as a fake, such as the fossil being from a particular region of the world despite the fact that the particular species that the fossil is from did not actually come from that region of the world or live in that area at that period of time.

Contact a reputable fossil seller today in order to discuss what tips he or she would recommend that you follow in order to avoid buying fake dinosaur fossils. Discussing restoration percentages and double checking the fossil's description are both great ways to help you avoid buying fake dinosaur fossils. Contact a company like Fossil Avenue to learn more.