Celebrating Sobriety: How to Do It in a Respectable and Supportive Way

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Sobriety is a serious matter. It is a long, hard road for many people, and it is usually not until they have reached a point where they are comfortable being around alcohol with their friends that they can actually joke about something so serious. If you have a friend or family member that is working through the stages of sobriety and really trying hard, you might want to provide some encouragement as well as give them a gift or two along the way. Yet, what can you get this person that will be encouraging, not demeaning, and a pleasant surprise? Try the following.

Sobriety Jewelry

There are necklaces, watches, earrings, rings, and even keychains that help individuals who are trying to get sober remember that what they are doing is a good thing. It even helps them remember why they finally chose to get sober. When they become nervous and feel like reaching for a drink, they can touch the jewelry or keychain to remind themselves to stop and maybe call their sponsors. The jewelry is symbolic, but it can also be inscribed with words of encouragement.

Sobriety Gift Mug Products

Some of these sobriety gift mugs are funny, so you may want to be careful about which mug you choose, depending on what stage of sobriety your friend or family member is going through. Some are very encouraging, with platitudes to build confidence and determination. Others are just symbolic of the progress (e.g., "100 days sober," "1 year strong," phoenix rising above the AA symbol, etc.) your friend or family member has made. It also helps to know the sense of humor your friend or family member has and how it affects their own outlook on their personal journey into total sobriety.

Sobriety Coins and Medals

Many AA groups already give their group members special commemorative coins when the members have reached major milestones in sobriety. However, if the group in which your friend or family member participates does not do this, or you would still like to give your own award token, there are medals as well as coins that you can buy. Some groups encourage family members or close friends to be the ones to buy a special award like this and then present it to the member in AA on the anniversary or special milestone day. Doing so shows your friend or family member your support and that you are willing to be there for him or her during this ongoing and difficult time.