Three Times To Set Your Tanned And Tipsy Hat Aside

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A "Tanned and Tipsy" women's trucker hat can be the perfect headwear to take to a long list of summer gatherings, from beach parties to pool parties to barbecue festivals. When you buy this hat, you'll likely get a considerable amount of wear out of it — but you won't quite wear it all of the time. There are a handful of select times in which it's smart to set aside this hat. While you might not be a fan of taking it off, especially if it's comfortable and matches well with your clothing, temporarily removing the hat is a good idea in these instances.

When You're Driving

The "Tipsy" wording on your trucker hat suggests that you've had a few alcoholic beverages, and while there's nothing wrong with that, this isn't an image that you want to send when you're behind the wheel of your car. Of course, you should abstain from driving after you've had anything to drink. However, if you enjoy frequently wearing this hat, the last thing that you want is to get pulled over for perhaps a speeding infraction and have the police officer wonder if you've been drinking.

Around Children

There's no harm in wearing your "Tanned and Tipsy" hat around young children when they can't yet read, but when a child is old enough to read, you may want to set this hat aside and choose to wear it during adults-only gatherings. Children are often keen to ask about the meaning of words that they don't understand, and if a child were to ask you what "Tipsy" means, you may have trouble giving him or her an appropriate response. When children are old enough to understand the meaning of this word, you can certainly wear your hat around them without any worries.

Around Sober Individuals

If you know of someone in your life who has recently chosen to live a sober lifestyle and you want to support him or her, you may choose to abstain from alcohol in this person's presence. Doing so is highly considerate, and so too is setting your "Tanned and Tipsy" hat aside when the person is around. This won't be a major sacrifice, especially if you don't see the person very regularly, and you can feel good that you're not exposing the person to any wording that may make him or her think about alcohol. Fortunately, the times to set this hat aside are few, which means that you can wear it on a number of other occasions.