Details To Check When You Shop The Clearance Rack At A Clothing Store

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If you're a shopper who enjoys stretching each dollar as far as it will go, one habit that you may have upon entering a clothing store is proceeding straight to the clearance rack. Often located toward the rear of the store, this rack is filled with items that are marked at significant discounts. You might save 40, 50, or even 75 percent off the original price of an article of clothing. Clearance racks benefit both the stores and their customers. Stores are able to get rid of older inventory, while customers get to save money. Before you buy something off a clearance rack, here are some details to check.

Fit of the Garment

Items on a clothing store's clearance rack can be there for several reasons. Sometimes, the store simply didn't sell certain items in large enough volumes and has decided to put these items on clearance to move them quickly. In other cases, certain articles of clothing might have small defects. Often, such a detail is marked on the label. For example, one sleeve might be slightly longer than another. Regardless, you should always be in the habit of trying on each piece of clothing to ensure that it fits correctly.

Return Policy

Different clothing stores have different return policies for their clearance items. In some stores, customers aren't permitted to return clearance items. Often, you'll see the term "final sale" stamped on your receipt next to the clearance item that you've bought. In other cases, you can return the item but only for an exchange. Sometimes, you'll be able to return the item for a full refund. It's important to ascertain the store's policy in this regard so that you can be sure about purchasing the item in question.

Future Sales

Clearance items are often reduced in price to the point that you may want to buy something that you like as quickly as possible. However, if you're not in a rush to buy the garment, it may be worthwhile to ask a store employee about future discounts. For example, if the store will be bringing new stock in, it might mark down items on the discount rack even further. What might now be 50 percent off could be changed to 60 percent or more off in the coming days or weeks. If this is the case, waiting for a bit of time and then returning to the store will save you more money.

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