Gifts For Your Friend Who Is Interested In Paganism

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Buying the perfect gift for someone can be difficult. However, if you happen to know that they have a special interest in a certain esoteric subject it can make the process easier. So, if your friend is really into paganism, then that's a great starting off point. You can search for pagan supplies online and choose a few to get them as gifts. This article is designed to help people who have no familiarity with paganism. There will be three unique gift suggestions that are sure to please your friend. 

A Tarot Deck and Guidebook

One of the most essential items for anyone who is interested in paganism is a tarot deck. These colorful decks are used for many things including fortune telling. Even if your friend happens to have a deck already, they will appreciate the new deck. The interesting and nice thing about tarot decks is that there are so many variations. The decks have unique artwork with depictions of the characters (the Fool, the Knight, the Tower) all shown differently depending on what deck you use. It would also be nice to give your friend a book that covers the different methods used to read tarot cards. 

Hand Carved Runes

Runes are similar to tarot in that they are used to read people's fortunes and forecast the future. Traditionally, runes were carved stone or wood and had magical language inscribed onto them. Runes are normally read in a manner similar to Tarot cards, except instead of dealing cards from a deck, the runes are tossed onto a reading surgace like dice. If your friend is into Norse or Druid mythology, then this is a perfect gift for them. 

A Variety Of Candles and Herbs

Many pagans have an interest in spell casting. They may want to practice cleansing rituals for their home, or practice healing spells for sick friends or relatives. Many of these spells require candles or herbs. These spells are similar to when someone burns sage to cleanse a new office or home before spending time in the space. The great thing about buying candels and herbs online at a pagan supply store is that they will have the appropriate type of herbs, so you won't have to worry that you are buying herbs that have no magical application. Also, pagans use dried herbs, so you can get a nice gift set that will last them months. 

To learn more about getting pagan supplies, reach out to a pagan shop near you.