Everything You Need To Know About Surprising Your Teen On Opening Night

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Being is a high school or community theater play is a big deal in a teenager's life. As a parent or loved one, you want to congratulate them and show them how proud you are of all their hard work. There are a few things you need to know about the way of the theater first.

Should I give a bouquet to a performer?

Giving a floral bouquet to a performer -- male or female -- is a fantastic way to congratulate them. After months of rehearsals and endless hours memorizing their lines, cues, and blocking, all the hard-working performers will appreciate receiving flowers. In fact, for some, it may be the first time they have ever received a bouquet.  

Are roses appropriate for boys and girls?

Roses are a classic floral arrangement to give during a theatrical performance or any time of year. In the United States alone, just under 30 million rose stems are sold each year from flower shops around the country. While red, long-stem roses are often the first choice, you could give your budding thespian orange roses, signifying admiration and pride, or yellow roses, meaning friendship. In the theater, roses and other floral arrangements are welcomed equally by boys and girls.  

What are some ideas for bouquets other than roses?

If you have been to a multitude of opening nights and want to try something different, talk to your local florist about creating a bouquet based loosely around the play or musical. The musical Shrek, for example, lends itself to a bouquet of lime green bachelor's buttons, curly willow, and even a dried mushroom. A bouquet of tropical floral stems, like ginger, protea, and birds of paradise, on the other hand, pairs perfectly with a performance of South Pacific.  

Can I give candy as a bouquet?

Candy is always a welcome gift for hungry performers. You can even have your flower shop create long-stemmed floral picks by attaching candy bars and suckers to floral wire for a fun and creative candy bouquet to gift your teen with after their performance. This is also a great solution for actors that are allergic to flowers. 

Should I give a bouquet before or after the performance?

Theater lore states that it is bad luck to give flowers before the performance. Save your bouquet until after the performance. Most high school productions have the actors create a receiving line outside the theater so theatergoers can congratulate them one at a time upon exiting the theater, which is the perfect time to present your bouquet.

Being in a theatrical production is hard work, long hours, and more than slightly nerve-wracking. Take this opportunity to show your teen just how proud you are of them with a floral arrangement, or even a floral delivery.