Candle Features That Equate To The Best Vibes

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Lighting a candle is a nice way to create good vibes in your home. Something about the flicker of a candle flame, combined with a nice scent that the candle gives off, can just make you feel happy and at peace. However, if the goal of lighting a candle is to create good vibes in your home, then you will want to pay close attention to the candle you select. Here are some candle features that lead to better vibes all around. 

Soy or Beeswax

There are three different kinds of wax that are often used to make candles. The most common one is paraffin. You may want to stay away from paraffin if your goal is to give off the best vibes possible. It does not burn all that cleanly and gives off some soot, which means it's not that great for your air quality. It's hard to feel those good vibes if your air quality is suffering.

Soy and beeswax are better wax choices for your candle. Soy burns cleanly and is overall a good, environmentally-friendly choice. Beeswax is also natural, and some people even believe that it cleans the air as it burns. 

Light Scent

You want the candle to have a nice scent when you burn it, but you probably don't want that scent to be too overpowering. So, if you're shopping for candles in person, make sure you give the candle a sniff before you buy it. If the smell is overwhelming when the candle is not even burning, then it will likely be too strong when you light the candle too. Nice, light scents for good vibes include vanilla, lavender, chamomile, and honeysuckle.

A Jar

When your goal is to create good vibes, it is generally better to buy a candle in a jar than to buy a free-standing one. Candles in jars do not need to be hugged in after every burn. They're far less likely to drip wax all over your table or stand, and they're tidier overall. You'll feel those good vibes more deeply when burning a candle does not involve so much work. And with any luck, you might even find a candle in a jar that says "good vibes." This is a common phrase to see on candle jars.

Lighting a candle should always send out good vibes, and with the features above, your candle will do just that.

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