Not Just For Writing Only: Creative Ways To Use A Custom Hardcover Journal

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There are many reasons you may find yourself the owner of a custom hardcover journal. Perhaps you enjoy writing and could not resist adding another beautiful journal to your collection. Maybe you received a journal as a gift, and you are not sure what to do with it. Regardless of why you own a journal, there are several creative ways you can use it beyond writing out your thoughts.

Make an art journal

Whether you want to try your hand at painting or simply enjoy doodling, having an art journal can help you express yourself. Even if you are not naturally artistic, you can still decorate the pages of your journal with premade stickers or other embellishments to express your feelings. You can also glue in photos of anything that inspires you. 

Track your health and fitness

What could be more motivating than having your own custom journal to carry with you to track your food and exercise when you are trying to improve your health? Hard-cover custom journals fit perfectly in a purse or backpack and are a great visual reminder of your fitness and health goals. For even more inspiration, consider having your favorite inspirational quote engraved on the front of your journal.

Document your child's milestones

If you are like most parents, one day you will look back and wish you had kept track of your child's milestones or cute sayings. Having a journal for each child makes it easy to document all the important details you may not remember. When your child gets older, the journal will make a wonderful gift to give for a milestone birthday.

Create a reading or movie journal

If you enjoy reading, you can use a journal to track the books you read. You can document your favorite quotes from a book, give a brief overview of the book, list your favorite characters, etc. A reading journal can also motivate you to read more books, as you will be able to see your progress.

If movies are your thing, you can list them along with your favorite movie quotes, actors, or specific scenes you enjoyed. You can also give each movie a rating or make a note if you want to watch it again in the future.

Fortunately, if you cannot resist adding one more beautiful custom journal to your collection, you can always put them to good use. Whether you want to get artistic in your journal, track your health, or document your child's key milestones, you won't need an excuse to buy more beautiful journals to inspire your creativity or document the moments of your life.