Shop For These Pianos At A Pawn Shop

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If you didn't take piano lessons as a child but are interested in learning this popular instrument as an adult, you have the choice of either taking structured lessons with a local teacher or learning online. However you proceed, you'll need to have a piano in your home. You shouldn't necessarily begin by shopping at a local musical instrument store. Most pawn shops carry all sorts of musical instruments, including pianos, at far better prices than what you'd pay at a specialty retailer. While you might not see a grand piano for sale at a pawn shop because of size issues, it's common to see these three options — all of which can be appealing for a beginner.

Digital Piano  

If you feel fairly certain that you'll enjoy learning to play the piano and you expect that you'll stick with this instrument for a long time, you might want to start by shopping for a high-quality digital piano at a local pawn shop. This is a type of piano that is slightly smaller than some models, but not so small that it's challenging to learn on. Digital pianos are available at several different price points, even when they're used, so you shouldn't have difficulty finding something in your price range. Digital pianos have several fun features, including buttons that allow you to change the tone of the keys.

Portable Keyboard

You'll also find portable keyboards for sale at pawn shops. This type of piano is smaller in size than a digital piano and often comes with a folding stand on which the keyboard sits. A portable keyboard is a good option if you live in a small apartment and don't have too much open floor space. It's easy to set up this instrument when you wish to play, but then fold the stand down and set the stand and keyboard in a closet when you're hosting guests. The portable nature of this piano is also handy if you wish to get together and play with friends.


A keytar is an instrument that has a piano keyboard but is designed to be held from a strap over your shoulder like a guitar — hence its name. This instrument can be a good choice if you can play the guitar, as you'll already be used to holding an instrument in front of your torso while you play it. Keytars have a library of synthesizer settings, giving you the ability to play some funky sounds that can be ideal for many different genres of music. Look for one of these piano options at a local pawn shop.

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