Tips For Shaving Your Face With A Safety Razor

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These days, a lot of people shave with cartridge razors. These can work well, but they are very expensive, and some people find that the moisturizers they contain cause irritation or skin redness. If you're not happy with cartridge razors, using a safety razor is a good alternative. Safety razors basically consist of a razor blade encased in a housing that only exposes the very edge of the blade, thereby preventing deep cuts. But how do you use a safety razor to effectively shave your face and get good results? Here are a few tips. 

Make sure your skin is wet and warm

A safety razor is only one blade. It can absolutely give you a thorough shave, but you do need to put in a little more effort than you would with a multi-blade razor. More specifically, make sure you get your skin really warm and wet before you start shaving. This will give your skin a smoother surface and will also relax the hairs, both of which will make for better results when you shave. A common way to warm and wet your skin is to take a shower. Shave when you get out of the shower.

Use lots of shaving cream

Shaving cream serves as a lubricant between your hair and the razor blade. You need plenty of shaving cream to adequately lubricate the hair. Make sure the cream you are using is of good quality. Usually, the shaving creams that are initially dispensed as gels do a better job, but you can experiment with a few brands and see what you like best. A cream you liked with a multi-blade razor may not perform as well with a safety razor.

Maintain an angle as you shave

You don't want to hold the blade entirely perpendicular to your skin. It will be more effective if you hold it at an angle. You may need to vary the exact angle you use over different parts of your face. For example, you may need to use more of an angle over your chin than on your cheeks. Over time, adjusting the angle of the razor will become second nature. In the meantime, go slow and adjust as you shave.

The above tips should serve you well as you begin using a safety razor. It can be a bit of an adjustment, but most people are glad they made the switch.

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